proudly presents a cutting-edge technology in natural oils refinement

We have developed a method to synthesize a Carbon C60 (Fullerene[1]) and vegetable oils compound in a form of a true C60-in-oil solution.

Molecular level synthesis
Applicable to a wide variety of the natural oils
Physically and chemically stable for oil lifetime
No sludge
Easily dispersible in oil phase/silicones

[IDEA] Fullerene C60 is known as the most powerful antioxidant that exceeds an ascorbic acid free radical neutralization capacity up to 120-170 times. A pure C60 is a carbon nanomaterial (represents nanopowder) with a low dissolving ability in cosmetic ingredients.
In order to overcome this issue a physically and chemically stable carrier is needed.

Such derivative allows to input and homogenize C60 in cosmetic formulation in a way it guarantees a further product stability that colloid mixture cannot provide. True chemical solution is a key that can obtain required results with respect to not only cosmetic safety, but even more – utility of the solvent itself.

Can a base of the fullerene carrier be a vegetable oil with an additional benefit of the fatty acids use?

Yes, it can: PUFA Booster technology is designed to make it possible with a variety of different vegetable oils.

Our classic products based on oils: [pumpkin seed] [evening primrose] [rice bran] [grapeseed] [linen seed]

[PRODUCT] Technologically complicated synthesis allows to form a true solution of high-purity C60[2] in vegetable oils. Up to 98% of C60 molecules are bound to fatty acids chains in a stable micelle-like agglomerates with C60 molecule located in the middle. Every PUFA Booster oil is produced with a fullerene limiting concentration ranging from 4 to 5.5 grams of C60 99.95% purity for 1 kilogram of oil (0.40 - 0.55% by weight).

[REGULATION] The agglomerate size lays in a range of 500-600 nm[3] which puts any PUFA Booster oil[4] aside of cosmetic nanomaterials[5] regulation. Processed oil takes a color between cognac and ruby, and can be used in cosmetic formulations almost without any modifications[6].

[UTILITY] Inclusion of PUFA Booster into a cosmetic formulation allows a product manufacturer to:
- Use C60 fullerene molecule in cosmetic products without major modifications in production process
- Amplify Omega-3-6-9 efficiency in formulation
- Boost anti-oxidant activity of a cosmetic product

[1] Most effective of all known anti-oxidants with antioxidant capacity up to 170 times higher the ascorbic acid
[2] С60 of 99,95% purity is used
[3] Proven by DLS (Dynamic Light Scattering) method
[4] Cosmetic-grade refined oils delivered by leading suppliers (e.g. Henry Lamotte)
[5] EU Directive considers substances containing particles < 100 nM as nanomaterials
[6] Steps to prevent coloring might be needed

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